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Every purchase you make on the Site constitutes acceptance of these conditions.


All products offered for sale are available, however the actual availability of a product is indicative, as more users can buy it at the same time. In case of the absence of an ordered product, we will propose to change the order made or may decide not to sell, then returns the amount paid of course.

Every product sold on the site is associated with a photograph of the same. Due to variations in the packaging by the manufacturer, in some cases, the photographs may not accurately reflect the appearance of the product delivered.In particular, as regards the vintage of the product, is authentic as reported in the name of the product itself.


The prices always include VAT and are subject to periodic changes without prior notice. In case the price of a product has been released on the wrong site, we reserve the right to waive the sale.


Shipments are insured and delivery is normally within 3-7 days in Europe. The operating modes and rates of shipments are reported in detail on the page shipments.


The payment methods and rules applied are set out in detail in the payments page.

Damaged Products

If you happen to receive parcels being visibly damaged, retain only those intact and drive back to the sender ruined ones: we will take care to bring within the parcels damaged, replace them and re-send you the new ones. In the case of depletion of damaged products, we will contact you to offer you an alternative or substitute products we will refund what you paid for.

Right of withdrawal

Purchases are subject to the provisions of Legislative Decree 206 of 2005, which guarantees the right of withdrawal.

The exercise of this right is regulated as follows:

  • The returned product must be intact, preferably in the original packaging: for damaged or tampered with will not be able to exercise the right of withdrawal.
  • This right is reserved to individuals: they are therefore excluded retailers.
  • To exercise this right, you should:
    • send us an email within 10 days from the date of receipt of the goods, indicating:
      • invoice number   
      • order number   
      • date of the order   
      • the product or products for which you intend to exercise the right of withdrawal, indicating the item number   
      • your bank details (IBAN), which we will use  for reimbursement
    • Wait for our e-mail Return Authorization
    • within 15 days of receipt of our email return authorization, ship Products, at your expense, the products subject to withdrawal.
  • We will refund the products subject to the right of withdrawal within 14 working days from receipt of goods. This refund does not include shipping costs, in accordance with Article 5 of Legislative Decree n. 185 del 22/05/1999. 185 of 22/05/1999.

In general, although not expressly written, apply the rules of law in respect of distance contracts. Any dispute is subject to Italian jurisdiction